Terms and Conditions – Ready To Check-In – Airport Passenger Services, Computerised Check-In and Boarding

We offer you:

Continuous ongoing advice and support as required.
The opportunity to develop your skills to meet the demands of to-days challenging market.
A comprehensive course programme that is widely respected.
Online training that is user friendly.
Upon successfully completion you will be awarded an industry supported Certificate in Airport Passenger Services (graduates must obtain 80% or above in final examinations in order to receive this certificate).

Final Examination

  • Once you complete the five Course Units, you will need to join us on Zoom for your Final Theory Exam, which consists of approximately 50 Multiple Choice Questions. As this is a Controlled Exam Environment over Zoom, you must have your Camera and Audio on during the Exam.
  • The Final Theory Examination is a Closed Book examination, so you will not be permitted to have any notes. The good news is that the quizzes throughout the Course will prepare you for your Final Examination, and we will be there to support you all the way.
  • You must obtain 80% or above in your Final Online Theory Exam and 80% in your Practical Assessments. The Practical Assessments consist of your checking-in two fictitious passengers for their flight using our Simulator. You must send us a recording of your Practical Assessment so we can assess you.
  • Once your Final Theory Examination is complete, you will have access to the Computerised Check-In Simulator for practical training.

Terms & Conditions

  • The content of this Course has been prepared as a guide only and is not intended to be professional advice.
  • The Course is under copyright, and therefore you must allow anybody to access the Course or use it as a demonstration to show or teach other people.
  • The Course is valid for up to six months. Once you complete your Final Examinations, you will no longer have access to it.
  • All course fees are non-refundable; however, from the day of purchase, you will have 14 days to cancel your Course and be eligible for a full refund of 100% of the purchase, provided that you have not accessed/logged into the Course.
  • To ensure that you get the most from this Course, your progress will be monitored and tracked throughout your training.

Average Completion Time:

40 – 60 hours


  • The International Academy of Travel reserves the right to change the content format or presentation of any of its training materials/software at any time without prior notice.
  • The writers of this course take every care to produce it as accurately as possible and is written and designed based on the writer’s knowledge and experience. However the Academy will not assume responsibility or liability for errors or omissions.

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