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We are 100% committed to providing you with a thriving Learning Experience that will empower you to release your full potential.

Why Train with Us​

Our Commitment To You:

With over 30 years of "Working For Excellence" in training and development, we know exactly what it takes to create a thriving learning environment that you will enjoy. Our fun and engaging Courses will empower you to release your potential and become the best you can be.

Training & Development Experts:

We are renowned as highly respected Training & Development Experts. Our qualifications and educational software systems have formed an integral part of the curriculum of our college and corporate training partners in Ireland and Overseas for over 23 years.

Trainers Who Care:

We genuinely care about all our Learners and will be there to support you all the way! We will always have your back and will use powerful strategies and techniques to help you excel. Your success is our number 1 goal. We will go the extra mile to help you succeed!

CPD Internationally Accredited:

CPD Certification Service thoroughly evaluates our Courses to ensure the integrity and quality of our training; therefore, you can be confident in the quality of our training.

Course Categories

Our Services​

Training For Success Learning Management System (TFSLMS):

Create a gold-standard learning experience for your employees, improve efficiencies and reduce training costs with Training For Success LMS (TFSLMS).
Upskill and Develop your Employees with our uniquely built LMS, which is designed to help you create an impactful learning experience through the following modes:
Blended Learning

Virtual, Online, Self-Paced and Classroom Internationally Certified Job- Focused Courses:

Our job-focused Train the Trainer, Leadership, Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Customer Service, Manual Handling and Airline and Travel Industry Courses are internationally accredited, fun, engaging and interactive. They are written, designed, delivered, and audited by passionate trainers and professionals who are experts in their fields.

To ensure that Learners achieve Internationally Valued and Recognised Qualifications, CPD Certification Service has thoroughly evaluated our Courses to ensure the integrity and quality of the training. CPD Accreditation ensures that our Courses are structured coherently with clear Learning Outcomes and Assessments.

Our Internationally Accredited Qualifications can be considered part of any International CPD Requirements for ongoing Professional Development. The CPD Certification Service is the largest and leading independent CPD Accreditation Organisation.

Internationally Accredited Online Dangerous Goods Awareness Training for Airlines and Airport Staff:

Accredited Online Dangerous Goods Awareness Training ICAO Categories 7-17 for Pilots, Cabin Crew, Airport Passenger Handling and Airport Security Screening Staff. This course is designed to help airlines and handling agents improve efficiency and reduce Training Costs by up to 65%.

College Partnerships:

Our Airline, Travel Industry and Hotel Courses form an integral part of the Curriculum of our College Partners in Ireland and overseas. We provide the best practical job-focused training in Airport Passenger Service, Cabin Crew, Travel Agency and Hotel Operations to our College Partners, and because of this, we have maintained fruitful College Partnerships for over 23 years.

To ensure Learners get practical hands-on training in Colleges that Partner with us, we have built the following Software Simulators Systems that mirror live on-the-job systems:

Airport Check-In & Boarding System
Package Hotel Booking System
Hotel Reservation and Check-In System
If you are a college committed to “Working For Excellence” in training and development, please reach out to us to discuss the possibility of joining our network of College Partnerships.

The following are a selection of our College Partners in Ireland. Our qualifications form an integral part of their Curriculum:


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