About Us

Training For Success (TFS) was founded in 1992 with a vision of becoming a leading company in the design and delivery of training and development products. We are an internationally recognised, accredited, and quality-assured training provider of Job Focussed Training Programmes (Classroom, Virtual, Elearning) and Simulated Online Learning Environments. Our team understands what it takes to accelerate the learning process and has considered this throughout every step of the development of our Training Programmes and Simulated Online Learning Environments.

In 1998, we launched our College Partnership Programmes to drive excellence in training (25 years later, we are still working with the same partners and have added more along the way). Our programmes form an integral part of the curriculum of our college and corporate partners in Ireland and overseas, which helps them develop a skilled workforce amongst their students.

Our success is underpinned by our commitment to our Customers (Learners and College and Corporate Partners). Their success is our number one goal. We make it easy to do business with us, which is why we have maintained long-term fruitful partnerships for decades.

Our highly experienced Trainers, Educational Software Developers, and Instructional and Graphic Designers are totally focused on Working For Excellence in the Training & Development Industry.

We offer the following modes of training:

Virtual Tutor-Led (from anywhere in the world)
Online Self-Paced (learn at your own pace)
Network of college partners

Rewarding Partnerships

Learning Management Systems
If you are a company that is committed to empowering your staff to be at their best, our Training for Success's state-of-the-art Learning Management System will help you create engaging, job focussed online training courses and seamlessly track and manage the progress of your staff's development. Our uniquely built powerful, easy to use LMS & CRM will help you increase productivity and reduces training costs by up to 65%.
College Partnerships
If you are a college committed to working for excellence in the training world, we would like to discuss the possibility of working in partnership with you. Since 1997, colleges in Ireland and overseas have included our courses in their curriculums to ensure their courses are job focussed. We provide Tutor Support, Train the Trainer and Student Workshops, Student Workshops Training Manuals, Online Courses, Formative And Summative Assessment, End Of Year Exams and Certification.
Affiliate Partnerships
Would your company like to form an Affiliate Partnership with Training For Success/IAOT to promote Travel Industry qualifications and products that are Internationally Accredited? TFS/IAOT is a strong brand that will help raise your profile and increase your revenue. We pay excellent commissions. If you feel that your company can benefit from this rewarding partnership, please contact us. Our job focussed courses are written in co-operation with Industry Employers and are international accredited and scrutinised by awarding bodies.


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