Ready To Check-In – Computerised Check-In, Gate Handling & Airport Passenger Services

Airport Passenger Services

Airlines and Handling Agents are hiring now for Airport Passenger Service Agents to check-in and boarding passengers for their flights?

Enrol on "Ready to Check-In”, and you could be working in the Travel Industry sooner than you think!

This system allows you turn you home computer into a check-in & gate handling system, where you will experience what it is really like to work as a Passenger Service Agent.

"Ready to Check-In" is based on the common functions of live check-in systems used by Airlines throughout the world. Upgrade your C.V. with this Industry supported qualification and increase your employment opportunities.

Simulated Role Play

Practice checking-in and boarding your family and friends to a variety of destinations. Yes.................this system resembles a live check-in and boarding system, ensuring that your role plays are realistic. You will learn how to handle a variety of customers i.e. deaf, blind , wheelchair bound etc.

The skills and knowledge you develop from this programme will prepare you to work as a Passenger Service Agent anywhere in the world.

The course is divided into the following Sections:

1. Airport Passenger Service On-Line Course (Units 1 - 5)

This section will provide you with the knowledge required to work in the role of Passenger Services, including terminologies, rules and regulations, passenger handling procedures, baggage labels, flight preparation and gate handling etc.

2. Computerise Check-In Simulator (Lesson Mode)

This section will teach you how to check-in a variety of customers for their flights.

3. Computerised Check-In Simulator

This section will allow you to check-in passengers in a free format manner. You will be able to check-in infants, children, individuals, and groups for standard and check-in variation situations. The system also allows you to change seats, cancel acceptance, arrange special assistance and charge excess baggage charges, etc.

5. Computerised Boarding Simulator

This section will allow you to board the passengers that you have checked-in in a free format manner, along with de-boarding passengers who have not shown up at the boarding gate.


Lesson mode, check-in & gate handling simulators, practice cases and exercises.

Average Completion Time:

60 hours.


CPD Internationally Recognised Certificate in Airport Passenger Services Training, Computerised Check-In & Gate Handling.


  • We offer Internationally Recognised Qualifications
  • Students from Australia, Canary Islands, Cyprus, India, Ireland, Thailand, Middle East, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland & U.K. have enrolled on this course.
  • Click on the video below and see our students in training at our Academy.

Low Cost Site Licence for Colleges

This industry supported qualification is available to colleges/training centres throughout the world and will enable you to offer training that is realistic as it mirrors live check-in and boarding.

"Ready to check-In" will improve the quality of your training sessions as it provides students with practical experience in airport check-in and boarding. This system covers the common functions of check-in systems being used by airlines and handling agents worldwide.

Imagine having a system where your students names are on the Passenger Name List; therefore enabling them to check-in each other on the flight using their own passports.

Contact us for a live demonstration of the system and let us show you how the system will transform your practical training sessions with your students.

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